Over the years we have found that many Christians are unaware of what they have in their relationship with God. They do not know what they have as a born again Christian.  They do not know they are a Child of God, they do not know what it means to be in Christ, and they do not know they are completely forgiven.


This happens when Christians stop searching the Scriptures for themselves, and only believe what they have been taught, how they were raised or what they have heard. 


That is why we started a Christian podcast ministry.

Our mission is to point people back to Jesus Christ and back to the Bible. Then, they will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, who they are and what they have, in the person of Jesus Christ. 

About Us Podcast - Mike Stone and Kevin Smith
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There came a time when I knew there was something missing in my life. In 1992, I heard on Christian radio something, which changed my life. The radio host was talking to a caller about a new life in Christ.  That was it. I was missing, the life of Christ. On that day, I received the life of Christ into my life and I was born again. Since that day, I have devoted myself to proclaiming the grace of God. My passion is to help Christians understand what they have in Christ and to point unbelievers to Christ so they can be saved. If you have been born again of the Spirit of God, you are a child of God. You have passed over from spiritual death to spiritual life. You are 100% forgiven by God, past present and future. Christ lives in you. You are completely righteous, perfect and holy in God's sight. I am a husband, father, teacher, small business owner and now a podcast host.


In 2001, Kevin and his wife Shelly joined the staff with Campus Crusade for Christ now known as Cru. He became the City Director for Priority Associates, an outreach to young professionals. His passion to see the "spiritual lightbulb" turn on in the hearts in minds of people fueled his drive to create opportunities for the Gospel to be lifted up through luncheons, small groups and one on one coaching. Kevin and his wife Shelly currently are working with the Cru Neighborhood Outreach which fits better with their family life with Noah, 15 and Rachel 14. During that time, Kevin was able to complete his Bachelors Degree in Bible and Communication at Moody Bible Institute. In addition, Kevin has been a Union Electrician since 1992 and has recently been able to turn on some "real lightbulbs". Kevin who is very competitive finds great enjoyment playing games like basketball, tennis, chess, cards, and watching Alabama football. Kevin finds his true identity first and foremost in being a beloved child of God who has the fortunate opportunity to experience this blessed life.