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The Book of Romans Podcast-Romans 6:15-23

The Apostle Paul answers 2 questions in Romans 6:

  1. Shall I go on sinning that grace may increase ? (Romans 6:10) and 

  2. Shall I go on sinning now that I am no longer under the law? (Romans 6:14)

These are common questions will always come up when someone does not understand the purpose of the law...."to make us conscious of sin" (Romans 3:20) and to then "to lead us to Christ" (Galatians 3:24 1984 NIV).

The purpose of the law is being distorted today by many. As 2 Peter 3:16 says "His (Paul) letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction.

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